10th International Symposium on Experimental Robotics 2006 (ISER '06)

About ISER

ISER is a series of bi-annual symposia, which have been held successively in Singapore, Montréal (Canada), Toulouse (France), Kyoto (Japan), Stanford (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Sydney (Australia), Honolulu (USA), and Sant’Angelo (Italy).

The goal of these symposia is to provide a forum dedicated to Experimental Robotics Research. The number of papers presented during the symposium is small (less than 50) and the meeting is single track in order to maximize interaction between participants. Papers should focus on theories and principles, which have been validated by experiments. Papers which discuss how theoretical conjectures were invalidated, revised, or confirmed are of great interest. Constructive reports about unsuccessful projects are also considered valuable. Video presentations of experiments are particularly encouraged.